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how could i carry this? help me pls

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hi, im currently at low elo (silver 5), winning around 7 games and lose 1, thats what happens most of the time since i have played the past year with my friends which are diamond/plat, i usually carry my games BUT today i lost a game and it realy buggs me, i will explain the situation and i hope someone can tell me for the next time, how can i win such a game: so i was lanning against irelia with rengar, i won the lane hard.. i was 4-0, she was 0-3, and i had 120 cs when she had 70, i took the tops tower at 12 minutes or so, i even double killed her with her jungler amumu. the problem is, my bot were around 2-15 BOTH adc and support, and they had a mid veigar which got kills as well, i decided to leave top and go help bot and mid, we got some kills but they still killed my teamates since they had a better teamfight (morgana,amumu,veigar). i could 1 shot their adc cait, the problem is that she had morg and amumu to peel for her and i could take her down but dying with her as they both ulty stun me. then my team lose 4 vs 4.. there was a fight were i took down veigar and cait and morgana and my team lost when they were 4 vs 2 to amumu and irelia.. the question is:
was i suppose to stay top and take their towers all the way to the inhebitor while they fought at bot?
was i suppose to help them earlier? i felt like i had no control at all in this game although i was fed.. they had 4 dragons while we had 0. im not blaming my team but myself for being unable to carry. what should i do?