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question about the tribunal

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Shaq Diesel 34

Junior Member


I got chat restriction I think it was 6-7 months ago, when almost everyone got it
(I'll admit i was new player and i though that thats how it is in the league so i responded to players cursing and etc, so I think I did deserved it )
anyway my question is i cant use the tribunal cause of that I think.
is it permanent or I can do something to be in the tribunal?
ty in advanced.

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Senior Member


I am glad that you have realized that, and changed.

No, it is not because you had chat restriction. The Tribunal has been down way before you joined the game, it has been more over a year. (There is no time stamp on my last Tribunal case, so I can't tell you when exactly, maybe someone else knows it.)

There are other systems working behind the scene atm. For example the Leaver Buster System, and the Chat Restriction ( which you have encountered). They are also working on a new system to replace the Tribunal.

You can read up on it at surrender@20, the new forum board I think. And if you are interested google for gdc vault Lyte, and you will find 2 interesting videos about the Palyer Behavioral Team.

Have a nice day