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New Player Needs Help

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Junior Member


Hey guys, I just started playing LoL, and I'm in level 8. I play with ashe and garen, and have saved around 2500IP. Can You please tell me how to best play with these champions and name a few other champions I can play with as a beginner?
Thank you in advance

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Inquisitor Kane

Senior Member


Hi there.

Garen is GREAT pick for top lane, Easy to play, VERY safe, and easy to play since he has no mana

Currently, there are 5 roles you can play in this game:

Top lane - or as I was calling it back in the day: "the upper road" Garen is great for learning that one. Keep playing him for now.

Jungle - that scary forrest in between lanes: Either buy Warwick (1350 IP) or save some IP and buy Nunu (450IP). I actually recomend Nunu for now, since he is cheaper. Both of these are very safe so you can learn how to jungle safely.

Mid lane - this is obviously the one in the middle of the map: Annie is another 450 IP champion. She is not META mid champ right now, but don't worry about that, since for most of the time now you will be playing against bots. And first you have to learn the role, then start looking for champions you would like to play there

Bot lane - "the bottom road" Here are usually 2 people - marksman and support. For marksman I would say buy Sivir (again 450 IP). She is not the best ADC (attack damage carry) in the game, but for learning is great, because she can poke/famr safely with her Q, and her E is a shield that can save you from many dangers. YOu say you play Ashe, she is a marksman, but has no escapes (no dash, blink or whatever) so she is not that easy to play, for beginners. But you can save 450 IP and continue playing Ashe.

For support, you can use Nunu or Annie again (therefore save IP), but as a support main player, I strongly recommend you buy Taric. Sure, he costs 1350 IP, but is the best champion for learning how to support. Teaches good manners, tanky as hell, gives aura to friends.. and man, he is looking for friends, I'm telling you

So if you buy Nunu, Annie, Sivir and Taric, you will need 2700 IP total. Which means you play few more bot games and you will have all the lanes covered.

P.S.1: DO NOT BUY ANY RUNES YET!! At lvl 10 you will be able to buy Tier 2 runes, but as well as Tier 1 runes - they all suck balls!! Wait till level 20, then you will buy real runes - Tier 3.

P.S.2: Feel free adding me in game, I can play some bot games with you (mostly during weekends) and show you the basics. Just be ready for shietload of info to be learned. LoL, as any MOBA game, has great learning curve. And don't expect to be great at it anytime soon. I'm playing for nearly 2 years and still suck harder than a new vacuum cleaner

Hope this helps! GL mate