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Cleanse ( Round 2 )

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Hello Felas...

In a pass, I posted on forum some of my ideas. They where about unpolular and weak summonerspells (Clairvoyance, Clarity, Revive, Ghost)
Cleanse was on that list too, and people reacted positive about this one.

So Im bring it that again.

Cleanse: If cleanse remove any form of CC, It wil give additionally 30-40% Movementspeed for 1s

Dont get me wrong. Cleanse is not weak summonerspell, just unpolular.
But why its unpolular? Any form of CC is pretty strong. And there is no way, that your enemy will have 0 cc in team. Shouldnt that make Cleanse causal pick?

I think, The problem is in timing. Bad timeing can make this summonerspell useless. CC Chaining.
You get CCed. You remove it but in second you are CCed again. It doesen matter if 2nd CC ability was casted before using Cleanse, because cast animation will get u anyway. What is point of Cleanse when you are still CCed?
This buff to Cleanse would prevent this problem (I think)

What do you think? I just said what Im thinking about this, Its your turn now.

Sry for bad english.

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Tragic Positive

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The thing about Cleanse is in reaction time.

If you are about to get stunned by Taric for 1.5 seconds - you can't nullify the stun for 100%.
You'll always have that window where it renders you immobile.

If your reflexes and timing are on challenger tier, you will be able to minimize the time stunned to 0.15 seconds. But even that way - it won't be worth it for such a long cooldown.

~ Your idea sounds very user-friendly. It would result in gaining position advantage lost after being stunned, as well as gaining the upper hand in utility when compared to heal - which is now superior maybe even to Cleanse in terms of utility.
I'd actually add another addition to it.
Cleanse also increases users movement speed by 35% for 1 second after successfully reducing the duration of incoming stun. The movement speed buff is received after the stun wares off.

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"window where it renders you immobile"

The idea of %MS buff is pretty simple. Or It could be something like: Your % depend on time how long were you stunned between start of CC and Cleanse use. Longer were you would be CC'd - Bigger would be % on MS buff

"it won't be worth it for such a long cooldown"
Good point.
But instead flat CDR, I was thinking about distortion boots enchantment.
distortion would reduce CDR on Cleanse (168 cd) ?

Is distortion useless on teleport?
30% MS for 3s? Why if you can use Homeguards?
I know, that there is definitely use for that, but not much. People on SoloQ will buy homeguards for that anyway.

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Cleanse is not took that often because there are items that do the same thing.Now,usually cleanse could be took on
mid or adc.

As midlane you wan't to have some pressure(ignite/heal for defense because most of the midlaner will poke you to death,not just burst you because of a stun),and you will be able to buy zhonya and use it right after the stun so a lot of damage won't get to you anyway(IF it's a stuns,since enemy cc might be slow/bindings/roots).

As an adc,heal is just so much better because both laners get the healing so the support can risk more to try to help the adc when cleanse does what?Oh i can take out a 1,5 second stun but my support is 0-10 because they decided to make my spell useless( - then there are qss for adc or mikael's for support ,which aren't expensive anyway