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Pls help me with Syndra

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Aikana Sakasa

Junior Member


Hello, i'm trying to master Syndra and i don't quite know what runes should i use for her. So far i changed the runes 3times and i'm not satisfied with the results. So what do you use for runes?
Also i use her abilityes depending on the situation i'm in. Ex: in teamfights if i couldn't do anything in mid i use q,q,w,q,r(the champion in the front of the line) and e so that i can stun the enemy team and let my team pick up the kills. Is it ok how i'm doing it and thinking it?
Please help me, i'm giving cookies for nice people that will help me with this XD

Ps: any tips of farming are apreciated, i don't like playing a champion in ranked if i don't do minimum 76cs in 10min. Still trying to figure out how to have 100cs in 10 min