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Should the game developers look into Ashe a bit?

Yes, Duh 8 57.14%
No, there is no need she is perfectly fine 5 35.71%
I don't care 1 7.14%
Voters 14 .


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Add silence to arrow shot. Yeah, even more like Drow from Dota, but hey, that's what makes Drow viable and not defenseless in dire situations.

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Lion King Mufasa:
Thank you for all your posts, I have noticed that many of you keep saying that ashe is more of a suportive ADC, and that she shines in team fights. Now I must say something about that.
Ashe's damage is bad, in exchange she has alot of CC (for a ranged marksman) But there are champions that are far better in teamfights, and with far better utulity: Graves, Sivir, Kalista.
And if you're talking about kiting then I must add that there are much better champions out there that kite much better: Vayne, Kalista, Ezreal, Lucian, even Graves.
SO ashe excells at very little, and she still isn't even close to being the best at what she does.
She can assist allise from across tha map, but Jinx and Ezreal can do that too.

In conclusion I still believe ashe needs a rework in order to keep her in the game. She is picked in "Nemeses draft mode" becasue she is in such a bad state.
Of course there are alot more champions out there that are bad, but I hope riot games will look into it.

Ashe is popular in nemesis? Havent tried that mod yet, but i'll try it now, looks like there are alot of idiots understimating her power.