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[Suggestion] Ranked Games with Teambuilder feature

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Junior Member


Hi Summoners,

i would like to suggest a change to Ranked Games. You probably all know a common problem when entering the ranked games solo or duo queue. Players randomly offend each other when they cant play their favorite Role.

The chat is usually spammed with adc, mid, top lines. When a player does not get his role ranting starts. They get personal and all that stuff and this usually ends in - ok i troll - or picking a champion for a lane that is already assigned because of pick order.

I believe that many players are confused what competetive play i.e. team play means. Since they destroy the whole idea when going havoc already in champion select.

When Teambuilder was introduced I was very excited how this new game mode feels. I really think that Riot should make more use of the current feature and change the current Ranked Game Mode to Teambuilder Ranked Games Solo or Duo queue.

What does that mean and why should it be done?

Well, ranked games is all about decisions making you play a champion you have a role which you are good at it. Some prefer ADC some like to to shine as a support or want to play in jungle since they probably dont want to face another player in lane.

Everyone is good at something let it be adc, support, jungle, top or mid and by entering Ranked Games they want to prove that by going up in tiers.

Using the existing Teambuilder feature (choosing their roles, support, adc, jungle - could be multiple choice, primary/secondary) in Ranked games would eliminate most of the rant in champion select since there is no need to hate another player when he picked his favorite role (i.e adc, mid).

I believe it should be up to the player what he wants to train. Getting forced into a role that a summoner never played or is bad at it usually means surrender at 20.

It would also mean that we can decide what we want to train - Meaning if i played enough normal games or teambuilder games (where i can choose my role before getting matched up) i can enter ranked games and use that knowledge and get better at it.

On the other side (current situation) i do understand that ranked games should be a challenge but it i disaggree that playing a role i.e. jungler you never played before just because you are forced to do so cause of pick order.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you agree? If not please leave a note.

RiotGames please look into this. Many summoners, including me, do not want to be forced into a role or lose a battle before it even started just because it should be challenging i do believe that playing against another player is already challenging engough when facing counters. I also believe that this would reduce reporting count at least by 50 percent.

It will never be over im not living in another world but at least it would be less troll reports.

Best wishes,

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THC Skan



I agree, I'd rather wait 30 minutes for a game which I can win without depending on luck.

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Junior Member


i agree this idea. I usually lose, because someone dosn't want to go top or in a lane where he must be.