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Junior Member


There is no end right? I just finished my 480 games chat ban, and if u rememeber i send msg to you as well, There it come again next one... Please can u tell me if i get 1 only one report for flaming or anything else so i get again 480 game http://i.imgur.com/6Uz7ooQ.jpg Win or lose i get honor for nvm what we do im frendly http://i.imgur.com/QXB3v3O.jpg ( just rigt now) And if u remeber time ago i got http://i.imgur.com/M45WunG.jpg ? Yes riot u gave me chat ban again but not 486 now 471

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Miles Edgeworth

Senior Member


471 is less than 486 so you've improved very slightly. Keep going that way and you'll eventually get rid of it, although in quite a long time if it continues at this pace.