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Never ending chat bans

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Bacon Dispenser

Junior Member


So just to get this clear , I know you're gonna say I deserve these chat banned games and maybe I do , but hear me out , I got my first chat ban when I was level 9 , I was a toxic player and it was like 3weeks after the chat restriction system has been implemented , I got 10chat banned games and I didn't care much about it at the time , I went 0-10 in my provisionals and I got bronze 5 and as you can probably tell I was a toxic 5year old then , fast forward 300~ ranked games into S4 , I'm silver 1 and I start realising that I should stop being a toxic flamer so I can win more and so that I stop getting more and more chat bans (I didn't stop immediately I still had games where I flamed) , fast forward another 500~ games I'm plat 5 and I finished about 1.3k~ chat banned games already (counting the normals game I play too not just ranked) and I had completely stopped being a flamer and I rarely got any reports unless it was from some mad premade duo or something like that, I stopped at plat 2 because the season ended but honestly even if I wanted to go higher I couldn't.
The disadvantage of the chat restricted meant that I can't time flashes dragons barons I can't communicate with my support to tell him/her what to buy or how to play safe or aggressive I couldn't have my fun chats with the enemies when everyone in the game was a nice person, but when S5 began I started playing better and got to diamond , as soon as I got there I had like 10~ more chat banned games left to do , after almost 1500 chat restricted games I was sure this is the time when I'm free , what could be better right? finishing my chat banned games once and for all and getting to diamond.
But that wasn't the case, I got another whopping 1025 chat restricted games and I went absolutely crazy because I haven't even raged/argued/blamed/whined/or flamed anyone for the past 300-ish games and yet they gave me 1k chat restrictions, so I'm not really sure how am I going to finish them this time, and even if I did what if I get even more after that? what's next? I feel like I will keep getting more and more and even more chat restricted games even though I have drastically improved my behavior.
I'm sure none of you care about this , and someone will probably say 1% of the league community is chat restricted so no one should care about you , but this is just not fair, at least give me a goal that I can work towards finishing , not a random number that's supposed to be my goal then you just give me an even bigger number when I finish it.

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They don't reveal their system for a reason, it's got a lot of flaws. It cannot make the difference between "fu.ck[i shouldn't have died there]; fu.ck[you're bad i died because of you], if you know what I mean. You have to write the whole phrase "fu.ck, it was my bad sorry" for it to look positive or neutral in a way. When you're chat restricted it's like prison, you're not allowed to do anything but nice things.

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Contact riot and ask them for a second chance.