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Help or Not Help

Help 2 100%
Not Help 0 0%
Voters 2 .

Help or Not help

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So here it is. Someone in your team decides to make, let's say, an odd play. While your teammate proceeds with his odd play, you notice that your lane opponent is going to aid his teammate in distress. The outcome of that would be from 1v1 to 1v2 most likely loss for your teammate and win for the enemies. If you decide to follow your lane opponent the outcome would be from 1v1 to 2v2 can't be certain of that outcome. More combinations might also occur in the process that can't be certain of the outcome. So my question is this: Would you Help your teammate with his odd play, despite that you find it a risky play or, Not help him and let him lose and in addition to the loss accuse him of making risky plays and would be his fault for losing this game.

My belief is that it's better to promote the team plays and assist your teammates whatsoever the outcome, you can always judge the outcome after, than be premeditated of the outcome and let it be the 100% bad outcome cause you never helped.
So what's your opinion fellow summoners?

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By not helping you would give the enemy an opportunity to get a free kill. I would only let him _die_ or not follow him, when you are certain that this will be your death.

You can play agressive but you should always have something left over for escape. When the enemy finds out you dont have any options left they will crush both of you.

Say you support your adc then i would always follow him protect him no matter how stupid his idea is as long as i have an escape or im sure that i can support him to keep him alive. If he is too far away and ignores the fact that you are not in range - no flash/exhaust up or no mana left - not beeing able to help him in such cases then i would let him die and protect the tower at least.