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Are you kidding me?

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Hey, so my name is DeadSurvivorZ, and I got my chat restricted for 78 games 2 months ago.. I've finished those games and then got a 180 Chat restriction, I've posted my problem here about those 180 games, but that's forgotten.
Now I had 5 without any ban, on top of that I haven't said any bad word or whatsoever.
But now I get a 325 games chat restriction, I saw that as I logged in after a long long day..

Please help me, Why do I deserve this?

Chat restricted.jpg

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Senior Member


Once you've finished all of your chat restrictions, we basically take another look at your account and see where you stand with the would-be Tribunal. If you still have a relatively poor standing with it, we issue more chat-restricted games. What you'll basically see is this: if you never improve, you'll be hit with a lot more chat-restricted games and you'll find yourself always chat-restricted. If you get better, you will see less and less chat-restricted games being issued.

A way to tell if you're improving would be this: You finish your chat-restricted games, get issued 20 games. You finish those, you get issued 17. That would mean in the course of those 20 games, you improved but your standing with the would-be Tribunal is still not very good. You're ever-so-slowly moving in the right direction, though.

Basically, the system doesn't see any improvement, so it issues more chat restrictions. Be positive when you can, and quiet when you can't be positive.

More information (http://forums.eune.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=710527).

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The Rage Master



your story.. my life :P

be possitve or don't talk at all, and if you are at a really low ELO, just mute them all from the games start, and inform them in champ selection that they are muted and ask them to use more their smart pings if it is possible so you can still communicate in a less troublesome way.
it is a dead end.