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bugged chat restrict or?

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Hello, first i got 50 games chat restrict which i flamed very well into that, then i got 120 and i didnt flamed at all... but suddenly few days later i got again another 150 for no reason i was like wtf but ok im gonna complete it... then when i completed that 3 days ago, i played normally getting honored barrely every game with no flame etc. and now i got 2 reports from my country guys, we were talking about who's better beetween us ( won ranked game together ) and in post game they started saying stupid things about me i just said they are toxic and they both reported me for verbal abuse so i got 450 chat restrict for fake report? what???

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No, you did not get chat restrited for 2 reports from a single game. You simply did not stop flaming or stop being negative during your previous chat restriction so you received more.