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I need some help...

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Senior Member


So, I've been playing Nidalee yesterday and today (my main :3)... Lost the 2 games yesterday, and the game today.. And it was really only because my team sucked and fed (plus some OP LeBlanc and Fizz -.-)... I feel like I'm the worst Nidalee ever, even though I actually was dominating top D:

Does anyone have some advice, tips and tricks, and so on, against some fed champs, or just in general?

Any help is appreciated.

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If you think you really are better than the rest of your team and you dominated, it means you should be able to carry. Try tell your team what to do, be the boss, the shotcaller and the general. Try tell when to do what and where. For example ''hey guys, dragon is up, push botlane and ward up and go get it, i can tp if you need help'' Or ''Focus ahri, she's the main damage dealer, she seems to farm alot in midlane so it shouldn't be hard to catch her and then go for push''