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Debonair Fanfiction

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Debonair Fanfiction.
Far far away in at the summoner’s rift was there party. Everybody had nice clothes and had a good time. There were some champions there made a club, the club was named “Debonair”. They had a symbol, the symbol was a red flower.
They always had it on. In the party there was a 3v3 competition. The debonair’s did show up. In the first game they was fighting against a Battlecast Cho’ Gath , Battlecast Xerath and a Battlecast Kog’ Maw.
It was an intense match 24 min in game. The Debonair’s had destroyed 2 bot towers and 1 top tower, the Battlecast had only destroyed 2 top towers and no bot towers. The score was 25 to Debonair’s and 26 to the Battlecast. The Debonair team aced the Battlecast and took their 3 tower and an inhibitor.
Then the Battlecast spawned again and they just came to the Debonair’s and they got slain’d, you hear the sound Blue team triple kill and Ezreal was very happy. They walked up the nexus and won the game. The Debonair’s was very happy and there was music and everybody danced.
There was a slain baron competition, and the Debonair’s was very interested in that. They came up and first it was Ezreal’s turn and he couldn’t. Then it was Jayce’s turn and he did slain the dragon in level 10. “Wow”, everybody was screaming. It was the best plays they have seen. They gave him applause and were in pressed.
VI was a little jealous she didn’t get triple kill and she didn’t slain the dragon. What could she do?. She saw a sign with a 1 v 2 match competition. She asked Ezreal and Jayce if they would 1 v 2 her. They said yes. Everybody was looking at VI like “is she crazy” but she just smiled.
When they were in game they saw her in the bush. She did know they know she was there. She flashed over to them ignited Ezreal used here q and e, she slain’d Ezreal. VI killed Jayce with an e and a ult. She killed the 2 towers. Ezreal spawned and he couldn’t do anything.
Everybody was shocked, everybody were screaming “VI VI VI VI VI VI.” VI was executing here self to buy good items. When she spawned she ran up to their nexus and got double kill and finished. GG it was so good. Ezreal was in pressed and Jayce to. They know that they were stronger as a team. There was a big championship and they wanted to join. They needed to more players. Leblanc and Braum said “We want to join you, we got the roses to!.”
They were playing against a full commando team. Braum and Ezreal won their lane and LeBlanc juked the mid lane so much and VI succeeds the jungle and Jayce won top. Leblanc was low mid lane and the whole team came after here. She juked the whole team and made a flash juke and the team was out in the bushes in 5 min and everyone was pushing.
The Debonair’s was winning hard. There was only the 2 to nexus towers back. The whole team pushed from the mid lane. The other team was scared. It was GG. No one could stop them. Everyone made a big applause. THE DEBONAIR’S WON THE GAME AND THEN THEY LIVED HAPPY AFTER.
Make Debonair Leblanc and debonair Braum.