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Buying an account with Zac

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Senior Member


You can't get champion codes on demand, where would you find them? Not to mention that the champs you are offering are the free ones...

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Senior Member



how many times you need to hear that THIS FORUM IS NOT TRADE CHAT?!

you are just a poor kiddie troll /ignore

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Golden Kecar

Junior Member


Im buying an account with Zac Champion on it i want to rade it for my acc
Champions:Heirmendinger Garen Annie Tristana Alistar Dr.Mundo Twisted fate Master yi Sion and Teemo
Skins:Riot girl tristana Dreadknight garen Unchained alistar and Jack of hearts twisted fate
Im lvl 15, only 1o rp and about 1000 ip
The offer is expiring for a month.

How hard can it be to raise 6.3K IP, I wanted to unlock Kha'zix badly I did it in 3 days
Tristana + the skin you can get them for free
Alistar + the skin still free
Garen + the skin also free

And thrust me we know some stuff here on the forums so don't be a smart a*s

If you want Zac PLAY! EARN! you will be more satisfied than ever...

PS:Nobody will buy this scam