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So, I understand your decision on not gifting me a mistery gift and
I'm aware of my chat restriction over the last season/year.
Although I'm not certain or should I say unsure if I will be able to
recieve any bonuses aka. mistery gifts from Riot in the future if I
will be able to solve the chat restrictions, I mean to play all the
chat restricted games that stand before me.
It would make sense to recieve some kind of nicely ment gesture from
your Riot Team for completing the series of chat restrictions.
Yes I feel sorry for the flaming and raging on other players but let's
say I'm all grown up now in the concerns of in-game behavior. I'm
proud to say I have improved or better said I'm done with
disrespecting other players for mistakes or their behaviour during the
I have started to think more about others and how they felt when I was
a ***** and let the rage rain over them since I realised how I felt
when someone did this kind of offense to me.
So, I'm not begging for anything nor am I crying about not getting
anything, just I'm curious if you will decide to give me some more
hope and playing spirit for me to continue playing on the Field of
Justice and supporting your company with Rp purchases ( i know its not
much for you, but it makes me feel like a part of something big ) in
the form of bonus IP per game or maybe a mistery gift.

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Senior Member


Why should you get a reward for going through your restrictions? Your reward is satisfaction from being able to go through a game without being negative influence, that is all.

I dont see a single reason why you should get anything else.