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Free jungle advices for new players

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dont forget that nunu has a movement speed buff on his attack speed buff spell so it is not only for adc but also good for top laner. sure, if you have a nunu in jungle, you need someone else with hard cc which will, probbably, be the top laner who is most often balancing with jungle - for example if top lane is assassin, jungle goes tanky and vice versa...

nunu is good for new junglers because he has good sustain for situations when you overestimate your powers to clear the camp with low health. attack speed buff + slow makes him good especially after outer tower is destroyed and his ult is great to channel not only from bushes if your team will bait the enemy there but also in middle of teamfight because of you will get focus which will give your teammates some time.

Xin is very weak early with low sustain so any catch of an enemy jungler or player can make you hate xin even after his ultimate buff

jarvan, pantheon, wukong, ... imho easier than theese champs is lee