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Gold I ranked chat

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Hello i wanna put some ss from my game. Tell me what u do with player like this. How player like this can be in gold 1?
Here u have some screenshots:


I was feel likke bronze 5 or somehting like that... terrible...

Ppl cant just play and win game, they need CRYING 90% time and nothing more... I hope this player will get ban soon... If RIOT cant do anything with player like this i will put now all ss on forum

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Dude... i was Platinum 1... i finished my placement matches with 1 - 9.. yeah.. 1 win...
it wasn't the enemy team... but my rest of the team... i can't believe these guys are in plat/high-gold...
well... it dropped me down to gold 3... i did some wins with a friend and from gold 3, i jumped to gold 1 instantly..
i went gold 1 with 59 points...
then today i decided to play some games... 6 games played today... 6 games lost... i went 0 points and from the first lose with 0 points i just dropped down to gold 2...!
well.. i'm reporting guys every fu.cking game.. more than 2 per game...
but where's the justice? they do nothing for those guys...
they doesn't really care if they troll.. or feed... nothing.. people doesn't even report now... it's waste of time to report someone... because Lyte (the Tribunal's developer) is licking his balls... Tribunal will not get restored... and they will keep literally going like this.. they doesn't care..!!!