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Marksman Champion Help!

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Hey guys, I started playing League yesterday. I've decided to play ADC as that's what I played in DOTA. However I need help picking a champion. Right now I'm using Caitlyn and doing extremely well with her. Maybe she is the right choice for me, However I would like to hear more experienced opinions about the Marksman Champs.

What I like:
Good Mobility
Decent range
Enough damage for me to win my lane early. And become a powerhouse mid/late game
To be viable in good team comps

Thanks guy's!

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Well, Caitlyn is a safe pick although she doesn't scale as well as other adcs so you have to work pretty hard on not letting opponent adc farm and you'll have to rotate around the map to siege turrets.

The current top picks are Corki and Graves and both have what you're looking for, so picking up one of those is a good idea.

An adc viable in good team comp -> You can pick any adc you want into any team comp, as long as you are skilled enough to provide damage, the only exception I can think of is Hecarim + Sivir combo which I tend to go for if my team has the pony. (Makes the Horse pretty OP, if he is skilled)

I think you should learn at least 2 adcs. I suggest picking up either Corki or Graves because they are really strong currently and as the 2nd adc keep caitlyn, she is always viable regardless of who the top picks become. (while corki/graves can become outshadowed again)