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Nautilus support build help

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Inquisitor Kane

Senior Member


Hello fellow summoners.

For S5 I decided for normals and my ranked team, to main Nautilus. Cause everyone plays Thresh and Leona now (even new players know how to dodge his hook nowadays), I decided to grab this - IMO - hidden OP champ. I feel these days he suits my playstyle more than Thresh and Leona and with the late game buff he got in 5.1...

So today I gave it a thought and came up with a build, but I would like to hear opinion of more skilled players, because at some points I am not sure what item to choose, or if it is really that good on Naut supp. So I will list my items of choice, reason behind them and a question, if necessary, that I would like to get answered if possible

Here is the list (not in purchasing order):

1. Sightstone
- nothing to talk about

2. Face of the Mountain
- tried Talisman as well, then decided to get Face since it buffs my shield, gives me the possibility to heal 40-160hp to me and my ally, plus that shield is just another great way how to save a team mate. I am quite sure this is the best supp item for the Anchorman.

3. Warmog
- in a way it is a selfish item, and very expensive, but I think it is just too good to miss. I will be tanky, so after they have to mitigate all that armor, there will be another 1k HP to chew before Naut goes down, plus it gives 170 shiel points late game, which makes just an incredible meatshield. And the longer Naut survives, the more skillshots he can eat instead of his team mates. I really think this is a great item, only problem is how to get it :P

4. Randuin / Sunfire
- here I am not sure. Randuin is more expensive, but gives more health and armor, and has nice active. But since Naut is melee and needs to use his passive in fights, Sunfire may actually be a good thing to help lower enemy health a bit. So what do you think will be better? Or should I make it situational - enemy has many dashes and MS boosts, so I take Randuin to be able to slow them in case of pursuit/fleeing, and sunfire in case they have many squishies?

5. Boots of Swiftness
- right now I really like these boots with Alacrity enchant. Permanent +80MS is just too good for otherwise slow Naut, and allows me to get in place quicker (hopefully to save someone). Mobi boots are imho useless shiet, since if anything hits you you lose 80MS that usually means someone gets away and in your case you don't. Tabi and Mercs... i will be tanky enough, Mercs only if I wanna eat a lot of CC. But mostly I will take Swift boots. Is it wise or am I getting caught in a noob trap of magical 80MS bonus?

6. Locket of Iron Solari / Mikael's Crucible / Abyssal Scepter
- now this is giving me a headache. All items are sweet and great in their own respect and I am like a kid in a candy store. Want them all, can buy just one Locket - 400HP to boost shield and health bar, aoe health regen, CDR, 40MR which I need (since it is my only MR item) and AoE team shield. Great against AoE teams, benefits me the most. Mikael's - great active and 40 MR that this build really needs. But it saves just one person, but saves them good since it gives shield, heal and reduces all disables. But 3x longer CD than Lovket Abyssal - 40MR that is needed, and nice double boost to my ability dmg, since it lowers MR of the enmy by flat 20 points and also boosts me with 70 AP making it around 100 AP in total. Which is nice. Maybe I should get this only in case I don't have to save my team mates so much?

I really love the idea of having AP not only to be unkillable, but also being able to hurt enemies. But abyssal is very selfish item. Mikael is also cool with its active, but only for one person. Now that I think about it, maybe Locket should be my first thought, and then as game progress I will see if I need to be more tanky and have this AoE shield for everybody, or it will be better to get that disable removal fro mMikael's, or maybe we are stomping so hard, that I can afford to troll with Scepter??

For masteries I will play along 9/21/0 and 0/21/9. I think 21 in defense combined with above mentioned build will just render me immortal and will frustrate many enemies

Runes, I plan for Armor marks, flat health seals, scaling MR glyphs and flat health quints. Scaling MR slyphs I think will be better, since I have only one MR item in my build and as a support, in early game I will eat mostly AA poke. And if I get hit by magic dmg from enemy support, in low ranks their abilities are not so strong. Also I will have heal from Targon, shield, and play safe. So I think I can make it till lvl 9 without much MR. And by the end of the game fully scaled glyphs with one MR item should give me 100+ MR which should be OK, since I have my shield that can absorb tons of any dmg. (in case of FUBAR game, I can always switch to Merc Treads, right?)

So, what do you think about these items? ISn't this build too expensive? Or too stupid? I know best way to see is to try it, but I don't wanna waste 10 games just to see it is not working and not knowing why. Any opinion is welcome

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You shouldn't play him as a support anymore, he's not in META, he's viable, but if leona was in tier 1, nautilus would be around tier 3.

If you plan on getting higher elo, play something viable. I mean, why no one picks him in LCS? probably because he's OP?

EDIT(missed this one out): If you want to play him just for fun, do it in ranked teams and normals.

Cheers, klowny.

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Senior Member


Inquisitor Kane:
Now that I think about it, maybe Locket should be my first thought, and then as game progress I will see if I need to be more tanky and have this AoE shield for everybody, or it will be better to get that disable removal fro mMikael's, or maybe we are stomping so hard, that I can afford to troll with Scepter??

You answered your question yourself. These items are situational, if you think you can capitalize on Mikael's, go for it, otherwise I'd go for Locket unless you're way too much ahead.
So, basically, what you said.

Also, don't be discouraged when people say he's not an optimal pick. If the tank with the most cc in the game isn't a good enough support, I don't know what is.

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Senior Member


no matter if champion is in meta or is not. the most important thing is how you can play the champion and how it benefit your team ... and for sure how much can you cooperate.

The reason why something is played in LCS or not is that those players can play just a few champions well so they keep to their champions and if they will see that some other combo (like kalista + annie) works, they will just learn it too.

what about annie for example? a forgotten champion suddenly appeared as support... does this mean she is the best support and we all should play her? no...

and by the way...what is played in LCS or is not played in LCS does not matter if an LCS team compete an LPL team, isnt it? Those damned asians win everything... and they does not play EU/NA usual picks...

so..the champion pick rely heavily on playing together as a team, if you are playing solo, even platinum/diamond can pick a champion he can play better than just a meta pick... even in that LCS you have mentioned is not everything depending on champion picks because even if you get a overall balanced meta team, that does not mean you cannot loose. championship series could make you see that that even those best LCS/LPL/... teams, even if you could told yourself for example "oh this team has great picks, he must destroy the other team" you could saw that the other team often destroyed that "great picks" team...

so you cannot tell it just like you did. Anyway, nautilus is kinda slow imho and I would like better thresh for more utility with his lantern, even though nautilus ult and passive is better. I dont like his pull if you are using it offensively on an enemy champion but i like that you can pull yourself to an object if you need for example to run away.

getting to higher elo as a support in lower elo greatly depends on possibilities of your carry (and for sure other players) because you may serve a kill as a support and ward+warn about ganks, but if you play with team of ignorants who ignore your pings and warnings and are not able to kill an enemy even if you would be able to lock him down for 60 seconds, then you cannot do anything even versus team of full new players in moba genre. If you would have a carry champion, you can win at least those easy matches, everything else rely on team...that is why it is a team game. With the better players you play, the better you may support. But for example a thresh is great support champion, but even if you will tell your teammate that he can click your lantern to bring him to safety, he would feed still without using your lantern because even he will notice you adviced him to click the lantern, he, at first, must get some reflexes to click it. It is the same like beginners attack the target in an enemy minion wave being shocked what killed them so fast... and you as a support can do anything about it.

So it depends a lot more on how and what you can play good more than playing meta champions. Dont forget that what works on LCS where the maximum cooperation can be used does not work in solo and vice versa. More of that, if you play some unexpected champion who is not known by an enemy it is your additional advantage to pick that champion.

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Inquisitor Kane

Senior Member


I never cared about what others told me much - when it comes to viability of some champions. I personally have this (kinda trollish) saying: If they have at least one soft CC, I will support with it

So I tried TF support, Darius support, Mundo support, Viktor support (btw pimp cane OP)... you name it. With various success and even if they turned out to be total disaster.. I had fun.

Also Naut supp is only for premade games and 5man team, cause while I already won some ranked game with him, it was because my 2 other team mates were good and enemy was very bad.

For soloQ I will support with Lissandra, as she can delete squishies (so even with bad team I can carry) and since she doesn't need DFG (like my Annie did and me being mediocre Annie suffered a lot from that nerf) and brings tons of CC to the game... why not. Just need some practice and she will be a low elo beast And if I hit gold , I can switch to tanks again (I love play tnak supports). And she is not meta support either. But she worked for me in the past, I guess she will nowadays as well.

PS: I forgott the name of this LCS player... but in S4 he said: "As a support, you just multiply how good everybody in your team is."

So if you get 4 people that are 0.. you can be support worth of 10... your team will end up 0 and you lose. But if you have 4 team mates who are 10... your team will dominate cause you will end up with 400. Also if you are support 0, your team gets only 40 so there is big chance of losing.

Hope it makes sense

Anyways, thx for imput guys, appreciate it Even the negative nancy over there

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Senior Member


viktor is op support vs everyone who does not know him much because of aoe stun on low cooldown, tf has good cooldowns on stun/slow but lacks any other cc or utility. Zac is also fun. Leblanc is also safe ungankable pick with two roots and jump out. quinn is also good support - 1) in late game blinding an enemy mean a won fight, also has a slow, 2) if something go wrong you may just fly away, 3) if you find your adc is very bad that he even can not farm minions, you may easily change yourself from support to adc and help your team try to win 4v5(6) without loosing such an important late game role. everyone is good support if played good, even for example master yi can support well. playing xin zhao + nocturne on lane is also deadly combination due to burst damage and cc potential of this combo, even more noc with spell shield.. so many possibilities