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katarina vs champs with mr

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Hello. Im lvl 10 and i bought katarina. I know that i shouldnt jump and engage team fight. Just wait for player with low health. But each game i must fight against chars with high mr. My full combo with eq usually take no more than 1/3 of life. Earning money is also nightmare. Always in lane with me i have ranged champs who poke me each time i try use q on minions.
Any advices for newbie?

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the best advice is usually dont play easily counterable champions against real players as a newbie everyone will stack mr against "cat-A-rina", everyone wants to poke her to make her passive what is her biggest fault.

play another champion until you will learn more mechanics, then you can came for kat back again

anyway your qw should be enough for getting gold..

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Some more information about Katarina or other assassinating champions like her.

Katarina is not so easy farm with , also fizz and akali, they are about trying to farm and poke enemy champ.

and when you have a chance to make a sneaky gank on bot or top lane , also take care if your enemy champ is not in your lane , cuz he might be seeking to gank bot or top lane.

Farming is so ****in' important ... don't miss the last hit to minions .

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For laning phase:
Max Q if you feel poked or need to farm minions from afar for other reasons.
ONLY max W if you're laning against a melee champion (like Zed/Yasuo/...) and you're winning the match up - then you'll continue to win trades by maxing W. If you feel like losing the match up, go back to maxing Q. Against AD melee champions I can highly recommend starting cloth armor + 5 pots.
Be wary of using your E when laning, unless you're quite close to your tower and feel safe. If you're pushing under their tower and use E, a gank will ruin your day, since you don't have any escape (besides flash).
If you're getting well ahead, try to rush a Needlessly Large Rod.
Otherwise, if your opponent is AD, you can finish your Seeker's Armguard - and later into Hourglass.
If the opposition is mainly AD, and you're losing lane against an AD as well, I've even had success building Sunfire Cape. I know it sounds weird, but making sure you'll survive enough early/midgame is important, and you need not worry too much about damage, as Katarina scales quite well, and your passive still makes you dangerous in team fights.
If your opponent is building MR, finish your Sorc Shoes. If you're well head, instead of going for the rod, you can also rush Void Staff. If their composition is AP heavy, or if their AP mid is wrecking balls like Miley Cyrus, it's also viable to rush Abyssal Scepter.
Hourglass and Rabadon's Deathcap are your key items, together with some of the above mentioned MR pen items.
Keep your warding trinket throughout the game, as it will offer you increased mobility/escapes together with your E. For this reason as well, buying wards is a must, and not just for increased vision (vision wins games!).

Mid/Late game phase:
You should be VERY careful of engaging, especially on your own. You're the clean-up crew, not the peeler. If you rush in as one of the first, you're dead. You need the opposition to be low such that you can go in and get resets of your passive ability, so you can continue your spree. That is the essence of Katarina. It takes a lot of effort to stay back, because you feel like you're being useless, but you're not! You have to stay back for you to be able to live up to your potential.
Late game, building Guardian's Angel or Rylai's can be viable, if you feel too squishy.

Aside from these tips, you just have to practice last-hitting, maximize your creep score to earn money, get ahead and win trades. Not giving the opposition mid kills is also one way of winning a lane, as your strength as Katarina lies in your contribution to team fights, not skirmishes.

Gl on the rift :-)