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The chat needs some attention

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GK Cormpuz



yooo, sorry for posting this all over the place, but since the % of getting a reply on this is about zero it leaves me no choice.
i have been complaining about the chat for about a year+ , the chat still stands as broken as ever and a real answear is nowhere to be found.
the problem with the chat is that people dont join it at the same time hench why lane calling shows up in diffrent order acording to when everyone joins it.
this again leads to lots of argue even before the match has started, and i like possible many others are frustrated and tired of having to sit fighting against my own team mates game after game.
then when the round starts after a long fight to get the lane you want (and cincerely belive you was the first to call for)
guees what, you have a bad round.
now the flaming and **** comes raging in becouse "this whould not have happened if i was mid" and the **** goes on, and then turn into toxic poolparty.
can the chat functions PLEASE get some much deserved attention?

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Kamina sama

Senior Member


you should write a ticket to support center, not here and hope they will get your point