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Looking for 2 Swedish Players for Ranked Play

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We are a Swedish team compromised of 4 childhood friends who play for sheer fun.
The team is currently ranked Gold and so are the players in the team.

We are looking for two additonal Swedish (Norwegians are welcome aswell) to play and have fun with us.
How good you are is not the most important, but we would like the following from you.

Be Gold5+
Be at least 18 years old
Be a nice dude, we are very casual and we are not aiming to be the best, but instead have good games and be able to have constructive relaxed disucsions afterwards.

We play Ranked 5v5 once a week, usually Sundays, but if we would get Another 2 members, we would be able to play at least one weekday evening aswell.

Wanna know more , send me and email at [email]Nordstrom86@gmail.com[/email] or QuQMagz ingame.