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Prized tournament

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CR lCrowl

Junior Member


Hello League Of Legends Community.

We are glad to announce you the organization of a tournament that will take place at 20th of February and will last 9 days. The final will take place at 1st of March. The captain of each team has to be Greek.
Main tournament info:
• Min. teams: 20
• Max.teams: 30
• Participants have to pay a small entrance fee (not more than 5 euro), so that we can cover all prizes and giveaways to the winners of the contest.
• Each team has to be able to cover any loss of a member with 2 replacements.
• The tournament starts with the group stage and the participants will have to play against all the others teams in their group and eventually 2 of the teams of each group will move forward to next phase. The teams will be advanced based on the number of their wins.
• Knock-out phase, a single elimination game which will reveal the teams that will go into the finals.
• Prizes:
o Prize1 (1st place) 250 euro or more (depending on the numbers of the teams participating) for the winning team.
o Prize2 (2nd place) a 10euro pay safe card will be given to each member of the second team.
o Prize 3 (best player) the player who will receive the most votes from the streaming viwers among the entire tournament will receive a legendary skin.
What we provide to participants:
• Tournament code games.
• Live streaming with full commentary in Greek for each of the contest's game.
• The moderators of the contest will be able to ensure the safety and justice in each game.
• The prizes will be transferred via post office and the codes of pay safe cards through safe locations such as phone call or skype call.
• Through our tournament players have the opportunity to show their skills through the live streaming mentioned above.
If u have any questions about our tournament u can contact us via facebook in the link below:


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Junior Member


LOL why the captain has to be greek? LOL

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CR Sravene

Junior Member


LOL why the captain has to be greek? LOL

Hello summoner,
well this is the first tournament arranged by our team and we want to be sure that everything goes well so we need a good communication with the leaders of the teams participating. In the near future and in the next tournaments we will change that