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[Skin Suggestion]Void Yorick

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Yorick hasn't had a new skin for years, so I got an idea.How about a skin like this?(I'll explain ability textures first,then quotes,then taunt animatons and finally his look)(1300 rp)

Everytime a ghoul summons he comes out of a void rift, which will close in 1 sec after the ghoul comes out.This and the other abilities textures might be bigger than the original ones, so these will not be seen by enemy when for example the enemy is chasing Yorick into a bush and he doesn't see Yorick.

Ghoul textures - Spectral Ghoul(Q):Is void colored.

Decaying Ghoul(W) - Liquid like monster which stands on the void portal

Ravenous Ghoul(E) - A big ghostly void colored hand comes out.

Q texture - A small explosion would happen.It would be like dark dust and you'd see void a little

W texture - A really small void rift opens from where deep purple liquid starts flowing.

E texture - Void beam falls on the enemy, the same W deep purple liquid falls on Yorick.

R texture - The stamp on the ground would be a void rift, the mark on both Yorick and his ally will be an angry void face.The ally will be dark coloured and have glowing purple eyes, ally would grow big dark demon-like wings

Movement:Yorick leaves dark steps on ground,has a small void trail behind him

Quotes(Yorick would sound a bit more echoing and more voidlike):

Movement:From the void
Only coming for you
For the void
You will remember Yorick MoriI(only voice changes, this quote stays)
Nowhere to run, void is soon everywhere
Are you scared already?
Me and my void ghouls will soon catch you op
Void also needs some of you
I finally am voidborn
You probably aren't wating for me
Enjoy your life as long as you CAN.
My voidshovel is coming for you
Summoner, give me something to dig into the void.
You will not rest in the void
I will dig you away from this dimension
You belong to the void graveyard

Taunts(does a spin with his shovel like garens sword,void line is around him):Nobody said you have to die now, just come with me into the void, and I'll bury you alive.
You don't belong here
Everyone loves the void
Void is where everyone belong, dead ofcourse.

Attacking(Shovel has a void trail):Void is hunting you, even without you knowing.
I'll bury you right now
I'd love your corpse
Ghouls will help me even if I won't catch you
The door to void is always open, but not when you already have entered it.
It will be a pleasure to hunt you down
Don't even try a thing, my shovel will do it's job
You do know that I'm not the only voidborn around
My ghouls will haunt you for life, til' you have it

Joke: (Hits the shovel into the ground and leans on it with his elbow.Shovel opens a void rift):Don't worry, we have a place booked for you in the dirt of the void.(laughs)

Ultimating an ally:Help me dig these suckers into the void

Killing an yordle enemy(not Rumble):Do you even need a grave?
Killing an enemy with big hitbox(also Cho with 3 or more feasts):Well I think we will have a place for you.

Looks like yorick,but with shoulderguards which have spikes,he has long demon horns and big void demon-like wings.Eyes glow with void color.Skin is seen only on hands, hands are deep purple.Has an steel mask(not like undertakers but cool).Only eyes are seen glowing the void color.He has an voidstone on his belt which also has void background.Shovel is like an lazer.But deep purple.

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