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Justicar Syndra and Arclight Varus

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Ruben Prime



TL;DR; Syndra and Varus have more in common than we think.

Syndra and Varus are two champions which can be add to group of dark Ionians, and both have skins with light theme. Furthermore, there is a one small item that they have in common. This item is necklace which have Varus (in basic skin and blight skin), and justicar syndra, but arclight Varus don't have this necklace.
This fact gave me an idea. What if skins show alternative history to history in lore. As we know, Justicar Syndra is vision of Syndra which stay good, and don't rebel against Ionia elders, and Arcylight Varus is Varus before he was corrupted by the darkness in pit, before Noxus invasion.
In this alternative history Syndra could help protecting the temple, or even stop the noxians invasion (because she can be omnipotent, so she would have power to do it). Then when Varus meet Syndra, he give his necklace as simple "thank you for saving my life, and life of my family".
It will be really nice if in their lore was simple adnotations that they are friends, or some special quotes (taunts) when they play against themselves.

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Lord Akatosh

Senior Member


what you said is correct Riot did mention that when they released the justicar Syndra and Archlight Varus