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New ideas for skins

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I have got some ideas for new skins

Number 1 Katarina

We can do the BLACK KATARINA who she is the DARK SIDE of katarina she wants only blood and she will have blook in the knives and dark eyes.

Number 2 Gangplank

We know gangplank he is a pirate we can do the GANGPLANK THE BLACKBEARD.He will be strong and violent and the pistol and sword will be black.

Number 3 Ezreal

We will make an Ezreal who he will be a soldier in 1940 and he will have an rocket in his hand and he will have a soldier's hat

Number 4 Fiora

We all know fiora is Frence.We can make Fiora will be in Paris.She will have a dress and the dress will have the colour purple.

Number 5 Darius

We can make a Darius who he will be an footballer he will hit with a big red card and he will have a shirt with the sumbol of the DARIUS TEAM

I hope you enjoy this ideas if you enjoy I will make 10 ideas with skins.