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Rugby player sion skin idea

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RITO Wermini



Hello guys,
Ive bought about this for a long time so ill just put it here. Any feedback is welcome!
Overall look something like Sebastian Chabal just a big guy with rugby clothes and a ball in his hand.
Passive: He'd fall down and the ball would fall from his arms. Then he'd start rampaging.
Q: Well same as now instead he'd take the ball with both hands and then smash it against the ground. The ball would pop (a new one will appear in his hands after) and i can imagine the effects being exploding grass.
W: a sort of blue-white (depending on what the color the ball is) shield in the shape of a rugby ball would form around him. Then explode in the colors of the ball.
E: He'd simply shout and throw the ball.
R: he'd grab the ball firmer and charge with his shoulder in front the shout effects would stay as now i guess. When he'd collide with enemies the effects would be again sort of green and a whistle would blow.
This was a quick thought up but seems nice to me. The FIFA skins were released thanks to a football tournament. And there is the upcoming rugby world championship.