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Imac 17inch, late 2006.. will it work

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Hi everybody....

Currently i own Imac early 2006 Snow Leopard.. So as you all know, i cant play Lol in any possible way, i tried wine, tried VirtualBox(i dont want to pay for VMware), nothing works well, with wine i couldn't pass the launch screen, and virtual box just gave me a huge splash of colors, and a 5 fps.....

But i can get my hands on to Imac late 2006, 17 inch, so i can install Lion onto it..

My question is will mac client work on Imac late 2006, Lion, 17 inch(the reason im highlighting this is that 17 inch has ATI Radeon x1600/128 MB, and 20 inch has 128 Or 256, depending.. )

will ATI radeon x1600/ 128 MB support LoL?

i Hope for a quick answer, and thx in advance, but as things are looking now, im seeing myself buying a new pc, and thats really sad, i dont want to buy a new comp, just to play lol ....

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Birth Control

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A quick answer: It will start, but you will experience major lag spikes.