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New game mode

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What about to make a new game mode?

I have an idea for it. It could be funny to play as two champions in one game, couldn't it? So in this new game mode, you pick two champions.
First, both team ban 3 champions like normaly, then it continues with noraml draft pick. After first pick begins second pick. It is impossible to choice any champion which has been already selected by anyone or which have been banned.
When u are in game u can transform to the other champion (no cost, no cooldown, no casting time). If one of our champions has buff or debuff, the other one has it too. Your both champions have same health, same items, same stats and same energy. They both have energy of first picked champion (so if you have first picked for example Tryndamare and in second pick for example Caitlin, you have no mana, you have rage like Tryndamare, because you have first picked Trynda) and they both have same cost of spells, like first picked champion (caitlin has no cost W,E,R and she loose all her rage, when she use Q, because Tryndamare has this cost of spells).

I think everyone would like to pick in first pick champions with no mana (there are 20 no mana champs + Rek'Sai).

You should take two champions, which can have same items and be both good. This is not easy, so this game mode is really hard also in picking your champs.

So I have just suggested this new game mode.
Please leave your comment and have fun in your LoL games.