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[Champion Suggestion] Lamane,the Phantom of Plague

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Fred is the name



Hello everyone.I have played league for...Some time now,and throughout my adventure with the game,i was creating a lot of champions worse and better.I was seeking an idea for a unique champion that i could post on the forums, with an existing potential of him being implemented in the game.And so,this day has come!
Before we begin,if i would have to choose a theme for Lamane,it would be definitely something like this :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSi8K5jJSXs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSi8K5jJSXs)

Before we go into the champion, what does Lamane do and what is so special about him :
Lamane is an assassin that heals a lot... The enemy champions. This might sound odd, but Lamane's abilities synergise with eachother, making the enemy regret getting healed. How to close Lamane's abilities in one sentence? "I will take a step back, to make a jump forward."
Lamane also is capable of piercing through the heaviest tanks without really needing items. As all champions do, Lamane has his downsides. For an example (spoilers) : No hard cc, dependance on autoattacks, not a great early game, and the problem of all assassins : he requires timing. Do his strenghts make up for his downsides? Read through him, and you tell me!
Note : Lamane has a Changelog written down in the comments
Note 2 : If you like Lamane and think he deserves attention, feel free to share him with moar people. Actually if you like him you gotta do that. He said that he will kill me if it doesn't happen. Pls

Lamane,the Phantom of Plague

Classic Lamane :

As the lore says : Lamane has gone psychopatic and always wanted to be a doctor. What could be a better combination of looks for this than a creepy plague doctor?
The image does not belong to me,it was taken from DeviantART.All rights reserved to the original creator, Cthulhu-Great.

Hextech Lamane :

Lamane in a more steampunk atmosphere. Not much to say here, he uses Hextech gear,so there is no reason for him not to have a hextech themed skin. Also he's from Zaun. Need any more arguments?
The image was taken from DeviantART.All rights reserved to the original creator,Maliganttoast.
In my imagination,the Hextech skin also modifies it's voice a little,to make it sound more...Steampunk-old robot...ish?

Im sorry for using images that are not mine,but im simply horrible at drawing.I didn't want to share that.

Lamane was a normal person living in Zaun. He always dreamed of becoming a doctor. He was sitting alone in his laboratory, trying to create medicines and cures for deadly diseases. He seeked fame. A deadly plague has suddenly began to spread in his area. He felt it, he felt like it was his opportunity to become a hero.
He illegally gave away his medicines to people affected by the plague, expecting good things to happen. And what he expected, has happened : The plague was cured, but with a side effect. After a couple days, all who took Lamane's medicine have died due to it's unreasonable toxicity. Lamane was then captured by the law, and locked in a prison for many years. When he suddenly came out of it, his mentality was damaged because of the inability to do anything for so long. Lamane began to do strange things, scaring off people aroundhim, so he landed in a mental hospital.
Ill fated Lamane was again locked away for a long time. His mind was losing it's mental illness, but again, a side effect has happened : Lamane was getting sadistic. After Lamane was deemed mentally cured, he was released. Lamane came back to his laboratory, and combined what he is, with what he wanted : Being psychotic, and being a doctor.
Lamane wanted to kill, Lamane wanted to be famous, Lamane wanted to be a doctor, but he lived in fear of being locked away for years yet again. He wanted to kill with no penalty. And then, he heard about the league of legends. Lamane wants to join the league, to be famous, to kill without penalties, to fullfill his thirst forever.
Note : This is the updated lore for lamane. For the old one, check here : http://i.imgur.com/kSIFlvh.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/kSIFlvh.jpg)

Attributes :
Exceptionally high risk

Health : 470 (+75) - > 1800
Health Regen : 7.7 (+0.6) -> 18,5
Mana : 228 (+31) -> 786
Mana Regen : 7.4 (+0.5) -> 16.4
Attack Damage : 54.6 (+3.8) -> 123
Attack Speed : 6.44 (+3%) -> 9.9176
Armor : 21 (+3) -> 75
Magic Resistance : 30 (+1.5) -> 57
Movement Speed : 340


Passive - Adversary
Lamane's basic attacks deal 25% increased damage to enemies who got healed by an ability within the last 4 seconds.Lifesteal and spellvamp don't trigger this effect.

[Q] - False Medicine
Lamane throws a hextech empowered pill at an enemy. Affected enemy is being healed over the next 3 seconds,but is also slowed for the same period of time.
Lamane receives 60% of the healing.
Also, False Medicine applies a debuff called Confidence to the target for 5 seconds. This debuff causes [E] Reap for answers to have 50% more armor penetration against that target.
Cooldown - 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
Mana cost - 60/65/70/75/80
Cast range - 575
Healing - 25/50/75/100/125 (+1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5% of the target's maximum health) each second
Slow - 30%
Cast time - Instant

[W] - Increasent Lust
Passive - Lamane stores up to 10 stacks. A stack is gained upon dealing damage to an enemy champion, killing an enemy unit, or recasting [E] Reap for answers.
All stacks are consumed upon activation.
Active - Lamane teleports to a target location, and gains a 0.5 sec long burst of movement speed. The more stacks Lamane has, the longer is the cast range, the lower is the cooldown and the higher is the movement speed boost.
Cooldown - 17/15.5/14/12.5/11 seconds
Mana cost - 60/55/50/45/40
CDR Per stack - 0.5 sec
Base range - 350
Range per stack - 40
Base MS buff - 15/20/25/30/35%
MS buff per stack - 1.2/1.7/2.3/2.8/3.3%
Cast time - Instant

[E] - Reap for Answers
1st cast : Lamane reveals needles from his gloves, gaining bonus attack speed and armor penetration for a duration. Lamane can extend the duration by attacking an enemy champion. Continuous attacks increase the duration by 0.15 sec less, down to a minimum of 0.45 sec.
2nd cast : If Lamane is near an enemy affected with [Q] False medicine, he may recast this ability to remove the pill from that enemy.
This will stop the healing on the target, remove the healing the target has received from the pill, deal damage, slow the target, reduce [Q] False Medicine's cooldown and increase the duration of the first cast of this ability. ([Q]'s slow is maintained)
Can be cast multiple times during 1 activation of Reap for Answers.
If enemy affected by [Q] False Medicine has full health, the damage for this ability still ramps up.
Cooldown - 13/11.75/10.5/9.25/7 seconds
Mana Cost - None
Duration - 3.5 sec
Duration increase upon removing a pill - 1.5 sec
Duration increase upon attacking an enemy champion - 1.5 sec (Diminishes by 0.15 sec for every next attack down to a minimum of 0.45 sec)
[Q]'s cooldown reduction upon removing the pill - 0-3 seconds
Bonus armor pen - 12/15/18/21/24 (+0.075 total AD)
Bonus attack speed - 20/25/30/35/40%
Bonus damage upon pill removal - 50/80/110/140/170 (+0.5 bonus AD) (+4% of the target's missing health)
Slow % upon pill removal - 25% for 2 seconds (Stacks with [Q] False Medicine)
Damage type (Upon pill removal) - Physical
Pill removal cast range - 425
Cast time : Instant

[R] - Nullification
Lamane lunges at an enemy champion,stabs him with a needle and injects a virus into the enemy.The affected champion is healed over the next 3 seconds,and then takes damage,based on how much healing he received during this effect. (Lifesteal,spellvamp,healing from allies and this ability itself count into this.)
Unlike in [E] Reap for Answers, the damage does not ramp up if the target is at full health.
This healing cannot be reduced (Greivous wounds, ignite etc).
During Nullification, the affected target may receive a certain amount of healing from sources different from this ability. Once that cap is reached, the target cannot be healed again untill the ability ends.
Cooldown - 120/105/90 seconds
Mana cost - 150/125/100
Healing - 100/225/350 (+8/10/12% of the target's maximum health) over 3.5 sec
Damage - 120/135/150% of healing the target received
Heal cap from different sources - 250/375/500
Lunge distance / cast range - 450
Damage type : Physical
Cast time : NEARLY instant
Quotes after using :
-You will be fine,haha...
-None can ever be sure.
-To hell through heaven
-I promise nothing.
-How much can you stand?
-Help yourself,i dare you.
-Im a doctor!
-Procedure's requirement.
-Your freedom foretold.
-Imagine the outcome.

Killing an enemy with Nullification :
-This lied in my intention.
-They asked for help,not for life.
-Wish fullfilled.
-Phantom prospect.


Selection quote :
-Have you ever been afraid of doctors?

Beginning of the match :
-Interesting task..."End all of their problems".
-Patients,enemies.What's the difference.
-So this is where it all will begin.
-Im unresponsible of any brain damage.
-Time to study about...Organs.
-Doctor Feel-much-worse has arrived.

Achieving first blood :
-Patient zero.
-Here lies the contagion.
-Did that hurt you?
-Next patient!

Movement :
-Seen worse places...
-Such peace to be broken.
-Of course.
-Where im needed,i shall be.
-How enigmatic.
-Good place to bury someone...
-Taken into consideration.

Attacking :
-No one will find them.
-Task requiring accomplishment.
-I shall.
-I find it exciting.
-I want to meet you from the inside!
-We will understand eachother better in...pieces.
-Don't fear the doctor.
-This might sting a bit.
-Ignore no patient.
-All deserve my services.
-I will do that for free!

When an ally uses heal (summoner spell) on Lamane and brings him to full health that way :
-I am fully charged!
+For you if you get the reference

Joke :
Lamane makes a comediant spin,stands in a happy pose,and then suddenly becomes dead serious.
-Calm down,im a doctor!...Not a dentist,ugh.
-Why wasn't the chicken able to cross the road?...It was disabled.
-What does food have in common with people?...It's better when its dead.
-How many sick people does it take to fix a ladder?...None,they'll all die.
-Why was a demacian shocked?...Because he got struck by a lightning.
-I feel really obligated to tell you, that i ain't a real doctor...

Taunt :
Lamane bows
-Trust me!Im a doctor.
-Who needs a medical license...when you have style?
-This will only hurt,a little bit.
-When you want to end a disease for sure,you know who to go to.
-100% Satisfied patients,none have lived to ask for a compensation.
-I am your doctor for the next few hours so pretty much till the end of your life,hah!
-Want me to show you how i lost my medical license?

Joke near an enemy Leblanc or Shaco :
-For my next trick...You're going to die.
-Lying...Lies in my name.
-I shall be the cure for hallucination.

Meeting an enemy Dr.Mundo :
-You're being replaced,Mundo.
-Welcome to the madhouse!
-Don't worry Mundo,your life bar won't persist for a long time.

Meeting an allied Dr.Mundo :
-Another doctor,even more health issues.
-You make me...Feel unconfident,Mundo.
-I adore your methods,Mundo.
-So that's how i could look like...

Meeting an enemy Urgot :
-You can't live forever,Urgot!
-Death cannot be cheated for too long,Urgot!
-No life persists forever,Urgot!
-It's time to get you over with,abomination.
-You make me feel bad...

Meeting an enemy Azir :
-You remind me of a little story that happened to me...
-Need a hand with your problems,emperor?

Meeting an enemy Sion :
-Not this again...
-Oh,back again?
-Your death will be glorious...Again.

Taunting an enemy Fiddlesticks/Nocturne :
-Don't fear me.Literally and figuratively.
-I HATE to be feared.

Quotes (When purchasing items)

Blade of the ruined king :
-The bigger they are,the harder they fall.
-I know something about ruined kings.

Youmuu's ghostblade :
-It can cut through everything...
-Such wonderful blade...
-It feels...Windy.
-Peace in a drop of water,terror in a grain of sand.

Guardian angel :
-Not a fan of dying.
-I prefer inflicting wounds than receiving them.

Banshee's veil :
-Doctor's prescription.
-I fear no plague.
-Mental tortures are not to be feared.

Randuin's omen :
-Slow down.
-Physical tortures are not to be feared.

Zhonya's Hourglass :
-Was it...Worth it?
-What's it's use?Time will tell...
-Always wanted to have an hourglass.

Thornmail :
-Care for some masochism?



Lamane's kit forces him to stay close to his enemies to damage them.Since he has no real defensive abilities,he needs some defense in his items, and thanks to decent base damages,he can even sacrifice 2 item slots to get some defensive items.

Reccomendations :
-Randuin's Omen
A very universal item that can be bought by any champion against opponents that deal physical damage. It's slowing effects increase Lamane's dueling and chasing abilities,and of course the provided health makes him naturally more durable.
-Frozen Heart
Frozen heart is an item that provides insane amounts of armor and coodlown reduction for it's low price.The cooldown reduction radically increases Lamane's mobility by reducing his [W]'s cooldown even further. Also slowing the enemy's attack speed increases Lamane's dueling power.
-Banshee's Veil
Kind of like Randuin's Omen.Banshee's veil is a universal item that can be bought by everyone. Having more health is always good on Lamane.Also,being able to avoid the effects of a spell is insanely powerful on champions who are all about jumping into the fight.
A very situational choice that works well against team comps that are heavily based on dealing physical damage. If you combine Thornmail with Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart,the amount of armor you have will reach ridiculous numbers like for an assassin.
-Spirit Visage
Another situational choice.Lamane doesn't have an ability to heal himself,so he loses the benefit of Spirit Visage's unique passive,but he surely does benefit from the health and cooldown reduction.Works well when you have a champion that can heal you in your team (Ironically).
-Maw of Malmortius
Some say it's a great item,some say it's terrible,and Lamane doesn't care.Maw of malmortius is a good choice to balance defense and offense against team comps that have strong magic damage.


Besides healing the enemy,Lamane deals insane amounts of damage with basic attacks thanks to his attack speed and armor penetration.There are some items that support this kind of "damage dealing".
Reccomendations :
-Youmuu's Ghostblade
This item is a perfect choice for Lamane.Increasing his armor penetration,giving some cooldown reduction,attack damage and mobility makes it a core item.
-Blade of the Ruined king
Beware,tanks!Lamane has come to the town with a botrk!Lifesteal and % health damage is not to play with on champions who are based on basic attacks (like Lamane).I don't have much to say here,Lamane just becomes a tank destroyer once he gets himself a Botrk.Also,the active increases his ability to stick to enemies which is a very important thing for him. (Because he is based on basic attacks,duh.)
-Infinity Edge
Deadly critical strikes and a good amount of AD.Do you need more reasons to buy it?
-Mercurial Scimitar
80 AD,45 MR and a Cleanse every 90 seconds.Being able to avoid crowd control as an assassin is a godlike attribute to have,and that's what this item gives.Just buy it.
-Last whisper/Black cleaver
Ignore a chunk of armor with your [E] and Youmuu's Ghostblade.Then ignore 60% of the enemy's armor with a last Whisper and 5 stacks of Black Cleaver.WHAT DOES ARMOR MEAN?!Ekhm,now for real : Both items give some AD and a good amount of armor penetration.No reason not to get them...sometimes.Also BC gives cooldown reduction and health,what else do you want? (I personally think that BC is overpowered,and i love it.)
-Ravenous Hydra
Survivability,aoe,more damage.Woohoo...Hype for an item that needs to be described.

Counters and Synergies

Galio makes Lamane's life much easier.A strong slow,a movement speed buff for his teammates,the ability to increase the protections of an ally.They all work extremally well with Lamane.Also,Galio's [R] disables his enemies and causes him to soak up all the damage for Lamane,while the Phantom of Plague tears his foes apart.

Karma's ability to lock down enemies,speed up her allies AND shield them is what makes her synergy with Lamane.The phantom of plague lacks hard crowd control,which Karma makes up for. Shortly : Slow enemies so Lamane can catch up,then speed him up and shield him to ensure Lamane dealing heavy amounts of damage.

Zac's [E] and [R] are both hard CC AOE abilities.The secret weapon disrupts the enemy team so they are more focused on avoiding him than killing Lamane.

Struggles Against

"Shen is a tank that Lamane can melt through and even counter the heal from his [Q] Vorpal Blade."...Or is it like that? Killing shen is not the problem,the problem is killing his allies.Shen does not heal his teammate,he Shields him instead,preventing Nullification from dealing a lot of damage.Also,Shen's taunt is a helluva problem since Lamane can get punished for being in it's range very hard.

Karthus might be a very easy target to kill for Lamane,but when Karthus gets himself a Zhonya's Hourglass,things won't be as shiny for Lamane anymore.Lamane is forced to fight Karthus in his [E] Defile's range,which is the first problem.The second problem is Karthus's [W] which makes Lamane extremally vunerable for 5 seconds.That's a lot of time.So,while Karthus is not a problem in early-mid game,he can become a large threat to Lamane later on.

Braum has a great kit to counter Lamane.A strong slow,a stun,a knockup and another slow.The strong CC provided by Braum make him a nightmare for Lamane.

Works well against

Oh,Soraka.A support that is based around healing her allies.Too bad Lamane is made to counter healing.Soraka becomes a threat to her own allies when Lamane applies Nullification to someone.Also,Soraka procs Lamane's [P] Adversary every time she uses her heal,increasing his overall damage output.Soraka is the last champion you want to pick against Lamane.

Aatrox is a pretty obvious one.His [W] Blood thirst constantly procs Lamane's [P] Adversary,making Aatrox much more vunerable.On top of that,Nullification counters [W] Blood thirst in every way.Lamane is a nightmare of Aatrox.

Tryndamere's [R] prevents him from falling below 1 health for 5 seconds.If he manages to fall to 1 hp,Lamane can just apply Nullification a moment before the end of Tryndamere's [R] Endless rage,and the kill will be almost ensured,because the barbarian king miself can't do anything about it.Also,Tryndamere's [Q] Bloodlust procs Lamane's [P] Adversary,making the phantom more likely to win the duel.

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This guy would be the worst nightmare of Aatrox, woow...Really interesting concept, specially then the look, I love this one!

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Fred is the name



This guy would be the worst nightmare of Aatrox, woow...

I would rather say "The nightmare of people who have a soraka in their team."

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Fred is the name



Kind of an odd timing,but i will reserve this comment for future updates.

Update 1 2014/12/15 :
-Added mana costs
-Renamed Unkept Promise (R) to Nullification
-Cosmetic changes to the font in some places
-Added reccomended items with explainations
-[R] Nullification : Heal's bonus AD ratio reduced to 1.5 from 1.7
-Added Counters and synergies

Update 2 2014/12/16 :
-[W] Where everyone dies : Mana cost reduced to 60/55/50/45/40 from 75
-[W] Where everyone dies : Cooldown reduced by 1 second at all ranks. (17/15.5/14/12.5/11 from 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds)
-Added some more quotes for his [R] Nullification
-Base mana reduced to 228 from 244
-Mana per level reduced to 31/lvl from 36/lvl
(Base mana on level 18 is now 786 from 892)
Note: Base mana and mana/level got reduced because of lowered mana cost on his [W] and the foreseen lack of mana issues.

Update 3 2014/12/17 :
-[R] Nullification : The healing can no longer be reduced
-[E] Opening procedure : Renamed to Ripper's Knowledge
-[E] Ripper's Knowledge : Attacking an enemy champion while this ability's effect persists will reduce [W]'s cooldown by 1 second.
-[E] Ripper's Knowledge : Cooldown reduced to 13/11.75/10.5/9.25/7 seconds from 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
-[E] Ripper's Knowledge : Duration reduced to 3.5 sec at all levels from 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 seconds
-[E] Ripper's Knowledge : Removing a pill now increases the duration by 1.5 sec (down from 2.5 sec)
-[E] Ripper's Knowledge : Attacking an enemy champion while this ability is active now increases the duration by 1.5 sec. This effect diminishes by 0.15 sec with every basic attack during a single cast, down to a minimum of 0.45 sec per attack.
-[E] Ripper's Knowledge : Removing the pill now reduces the cooldown of [Q] Take the pill by 0-3 seconds, based on for how long the pill was healing the enemy.
-[E] Ripper's Knowledge : Pill removal range increased to 425 from 350
-[Q] Take the pill - Cooldown increased to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds from 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds

Update 4 2014/12/18 :
-[R] Nullification : Duration reduced to 3 seconds from 4 seconds
-[R] Nullification : Base healing reduced to 150/275/400 from 200/350/500
-[R] Nullification : Damage increased to 120/135/150% of the healing from 110/120/130%

Update 5 2014/12/26
-[Q] Take the pill : Renamed to False Medicine
-[W] Where everyone dies : Renamed to Increasent Lust
-[E] Ripper's Knowledge : Renamed to Reap for Answers
-[E] Reap for Answers : Updated the tooltip
-[W] Increasent Lust : Updated the tooltip
-[Overall] Lamane's lore has been updated!
-[Overall] Added a new joke.
-[Overall] Updated the selection quote.

Update 6 2015/01/12 :
-[Q] False medicine : Now applies a debuff to an enemy that causes [E] Reap for answers to have increased armor penetration against that target.
-[Q] False medicine : Lamane is now also healed for a % of the healing.
-[Q} False medicine : Healing rescaled to 25/50/75/100/125 (+1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5% of the target's maximum health) from 30/40/50/60/70 (+2% of the target's maximum health)
-[Q] False medicine : Slow % reduced to 30%
-[E] Reap for answers : Armor penetration rescaled to 12/15/18/21/24 (+0.075 total AD) from 10/16/22/28/34 (+0,09 total AD)
-[E] Reap for answers : Removing the pill no longer heals Lamane
-[E] Reap for answers : Removing the pill now applies a slow to the target that stacks with [Q] False Medicine's slow.
-[E] Reap for answers : Attack speed bonus increased to 20/25/30/35/40%
-[R] Nullification : Healing from different sources than this ability now has a cap. (250/375/500) Once the cap is reached, the target can no longer get healed from any source except for [Q] False medicine and [R] Nullification untill the effect is over.
-[R] Nullification : Healing rescaled to 100/225/350 (+8/10/12% of the target's maximum health) from 150/275/400 (+1.5 bonus AD)
-[R] Nullification : The healing is now received over 3.5 sec. (From 4 seconds)
-[R] Nullification : Mana cost reduced to 150/125/100 from 150 at all levels.

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Fred is the name




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Senior Member


I like him. I give 10/10

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Fred is the name



Little update : I will make a new lore for Lamane (a less cheesy one) in the next few days. Also a description of the expected gameplay as and against him will be made.

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Fred is the name



Le Bump

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Junior Member


Its gr8 m8 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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his q and w don'T make much sense, 0,5sec would be better as dash, slowing allies will be called toxic by riot, and they don't really fit to his theme