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Brand new mac, BUT still FPS drop

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Sooo... I just bought a brand new macbook pro (mid2014). And even the best of the ones available.

Thinking that League would play flawlessly i happily dowloaded the client. Now since my last mac was hanging by its last straw, this was a good day for me.

But oh was i wrong. For some reason (even though i turn graphics to LOW) the fps drops significantly, usually when throwing spells (effects) and team fights. And weird as it may sound, also almost always when Le Blanc uses her W.

Is this a problem you know about, or?

Here I have made a screen recording. At the 50 seconds mark, i even switch the settings to low, and nothing changes. Still major FPS drops... why is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu6h...ature=youtu.be

Really hope to hear from you.. : )