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My new idea for Ranked Solo Queue

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Hello everyone,

I was actually thinking of some ways that we can use to make the best out of the ranked queues, or just trying to make it more competitive and fun. sometimes, we do our best and still get a feeding top/mid/bot/jungle that ruins our game, or a flamer "you know", so here are some suggestions of mine that RIOT can use to make the ranked queues more realistic:

1- before picking a champion in a ranked queue, the summoner must complete a number of games with that champion on normal mode (5-10-15-whatever..).

2- cursing during or before the game isn't something we as a community want, riot can make a specific number of curses before getting muted for (5-10-15-whatever mins).

3- i think riot can also use the (most played champions) for each summoner so they make a good matchup. i know we don't always pick the same lanes, but this will make a better team co-operation. for example, a team can include a summoner who has supports as the most played with others who have top/mid/adc/jungle champions as most played, just to make team communication easier.

hope you liked my ideas, Greetings!