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The unexpected guest

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This happened to me while I was on my vacation to Golden Beach. I stayed in a hotel for the night, in room S1. I was lying on my bed, watching television. Suddenly, I heard a click coming from the door. I turned around, Riven was there. She wore a belt saying "ELO Booster". She slowly pulled her pants down, revealing her fully grown sword. In four quick leaps, she appeared on my bed. I tried to react, but was stunned immediately. Unable to move, I heard her whispering "gl hf" in a quiet, calm tone. The next thing I remember was her thrusting her way into me. I fainted from unbearable pain. I woke up in a different hotel, in room B5, naked. I checked myself in a mirror. My chest had some words written on it with a marker. They read "gg wp"

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I bet ur a real life virgin.