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wish death to someone

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Junior Member


today, i played a game with a player, he/she flamed others from champion select, during whole game, and on a post game screen, probably cause it is not a part that tribunal can see, he/she wrote "i swear if there is a god i would wish for that god to bring death to you".

i think that these players should not be allowed to play anything anywhere, if comunity can control it, so why i meet someone similar nearly in every second game?

p.s. btw, i have screen of that post game chat, what can i do with it?

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The Tribunal didn't have access to pre- and post-game chats, but Riot does, and it's possible that the new Tribunal will, too.

I suggest sending the screenshot to Riot support, and also reporting players like these when you see them because if they flame the whole game they're likely to get punished anyway. That kind of language tends to come from the worst behaving players of the game, the kinds that get permabanned rather than reformed.

Also remember that most of the time, you're not seeing behavior like this as much as you think you do, because you remember negative experiences much better than positive ones. It's how the human brain works. Most players are either neutral or positive, and most games are neutral or positive experiences. We just remember the negative ones much better.