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Issue with people insulting and finding joy in calling people rude things.

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Hey there summoners!

I am a casual gamer from Sweden that likes to chat with people and make friends while in a game and I find it very curios that people take joy and almost a weird sense of pride in insulting people by namecalling and calling them bad generally.

Why is it that people find joy in it?
My theory is that they either have had something happend to them previously and they vent out through league where they are anonymous and face no consequences or they are simply rotten eggs smelling up the game.

Is there some way we can combat this without using the mute button?

I am just curious in this. I do mute alot of people myself more and more over the time as i've played this.
Back in season 1, I didn't even know what a mute button was, now I find myself muting people pretty much every game for insulting or badmouthing in general.

To summarize the whole thing: Why do people take joy and some weird sense of pride in being rude towards other fellow players and how do we combat this without the use of the mute button?

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My impression is that they don't really consider people on the internet other people, just smart bots that they can freely insult. Nobody told them they couldn't insult the bots playing single-player games. Nobody told them they can't insult others in games where the others can't hear or read those insults. And the friends they play games with irl - they don't mind, because they're friends already. But when these players play with strangers without considering that these strangers are people, you get offensive, even abusive language.

What's worse is that when these players themselves are faced with that kind of language and no-one steps in to say it's not okay to use that kind of language, things escalate. In order to be more effective, calling someone stupid isn't enough anymore. Instead language clearly chosen from taboo words gets used, because idiot and **** have lost their meaning over the many games before. Hence rape and death threats and wishes.

These are players who don't really consider what these words mean. Some of them haven't developed their empathy to the point where they can understand the effect language like that has on other people. In some cases they've never considered what the words actually mean. A lot of them are young players who've essentially been raised on the internet, where this language has been prevalent, so they've been raised with the idea that it's completely acceptable. Lyte even mentions a player in one of the talks he did, a player who said nobody had told him the language he used wasn't okay.

That the systems behind chat restrictions and other punishments take a long time to gather data to be sure to be accurate is unfortunate. I don't mean to say accuracy isn't important - anyone who's received the calm-down warning for no apparent reason gets bothered by it, even if they know it's only informative and not even given out with report validity considered. It could be phrased differently, I suppose. But that you can be offensive in ten games, play two games completely quiet, and then get hit by the warning or chat restriction means the consequences of the actions are far removed from the actions themselves, making the connection between the two much weaker.

A system that detects offensive language in the chat and alerts the player _while in the game_ of this could be implemented. "Some of the language you use is typically considered offensive. Consider the effect it has on your fellow players." That's a possible way to phrase it, but I'd prefer it shorter and more to the point. It gets the idea across. Dealing with this stuff before players get into a habit of using it would reduce future misbehavior.

This is true of raising and teaching children, it's true of learning to drive and behaving well in traffic, and it's true of games. Reprimand misbehavior immediately, and the behavior and the reprimand will be associated with each other... and people will avoid being reminded of the reprimand by avoiding the behavior. We're biological machines, and we follow a certain bio-logic. Teach us the consequences of a behavior, and we'll generally act accordingly.

We, as players, can't do much to a playerbase of 1 million players (and that's just EUNE's ranked players) besides being good examples and imploring Riot to implement more effective (not necessarily more strict) means to deal with this en masse. This is, unfortunately, in Riot's hand far more than in ours. Our part influences 9 players at a time. But we can at least do our part well.