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[JOURNAL] Apologies...

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Reilight Ryner

Senior Member


I haven't been able to post any new chapters for any of my stories for a long time now. The main reason is because I am a little... A little? More than a little... busy.

I got college, there are games I want to experience, and my mind is always, and I mean ALWAYS creating fanfics. I can't keep up!

I guess I understand now why it takes many authors years of their lives to write books. If you rush it, you may not make it into what you want it to be.

So, I apologize. Apologies...

RIght now I have around 6 stories that I have to work on, and it really saddens me that my mind is like a production factory, where there's just ONE worker to pack all the products in their boxes and send them to each respective owner and bla bla....

I am sick of this monkey humping pace on this monday to friday course!