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skin concept- boxing braum

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Junior Member


the skin looks casual. but, braum have boxing gloves and boxing championship belt (maybe a blackeye and a missing tooth).
he does not have a shield (not sure about this part because of the huge flavour drawback but the sheild just does not fit in...)

passive: whenever the passive procs you can hear a knockout sound (ringing bell).

winter's bite: braum panches forward and shoots out a giant boxing glove

stand behind me: kind of "tag in" (in tag team boxing) maybe a high five sound or something

unbreakable: braum stands like this (http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/boxer-defensive-stance-15654062.jpg)

glacial fissure: instead of ice phuncing gloves comes out of the ground and punch enemis into the air

aa animation: boxing moves

death animation: tiny figure comes out of the ground, counts 3... 2... 1... and then you hear a bell ringing sound

recall: tiny boxing arena comes out of the ground and braum bouncing bettwen the ropes

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Nice idea, I like the skin (as I personally imagine though). Since we are talking about boxing how about Boxer Vi, as long as we have a basketball player, Darius, on the court why not having 2 boxers to punch it out on the Summoner's Ring?