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Losing Loyal Fans

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Junior Member


Hi, Riot team,

Although I know this is not your fault, but I had to tell you this before going away. Your game is a really good game and is becoming more popular day by day, but, you're also losing a great amount of good loyal fans who've been playing your game since the start. Do you know why? It's thanks to your awful community. I do not blame you developers, but I really hope that one day instead of this - no offence - ridiculous Tribunal System you will implement a system where our concerns are really addressed and we come to know that they have been addressed.
I left this game a year ago and came back a few months ago hoping that it has improved, but it was only a hope. The community is even worse now. A year ago there weren't trolls in Ranked matches at least. Or I didn't know of any. But now, I have encountered more than 10 trolls who have either spoiled my game or the enemy's. And that is only scratching the surface and is only in Ranked. Normal games are unimaginable thanks to the unbearable cursing and trash talking and trolling. Even though it's just one player going away again, but it is a player who has played the game since the 3rd month of launching. And yes, I will prevent and advise my friends not to join this game as it is only a "pain in the ass" thanks to the community.
Maybe you could try giving every player a chat limit no matter of what in every game. Or give us the report that "such and such actions have been taken against this troll that you have reported" and not only a mere warning.

Farewell, a loyal fan who will not miss this community one bit anymore. Not one bit.

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What are you talking about, there were trolls in this game last year.
But it is true that it's getting worse by the day. I guess you can't help it - a game played by so many people is bound to have many horrible players. It's only natural.