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The Toxic Wasteland?

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Fellow Summoners, Forum Dwellers, Administrators and Moderators,

Before I introduce myself, yes, this is another topic about how unpleasant the community is BUT I intend to keep it as human as possible.

My name is ArchiveXL, can be found on EUNE, and had some accounts here and there, but I abandoned those, and this is my only avaliable and contactable account.

I don't want to complain about players being unskilled, for the sole reason that everyone had their first match having no idea how the game works. Even I remember my first game, bringing Yi to Jungle (that was 60% of my knowledge, and an Infinity Edge in my build), but had no idea how to properly Gank or to clear... and Smite? What is that for? Wait, it deals more damage than Ignite, then why does Ignite exist? Took me a while to relise the "Monster =/= Champion" part. What probably saved me there back in Season2 is that my teammates were nice enough to pretty much hold my hands and tutor me how things work... I regret that I don't remember their names. It was one of the most enjoyable times I had during years of online gaming.

Neither going to talk much about people intentionally ruining games (Feeding) just because they feel like, or someone took their champion or lane/role. These people are being punished enough by being such childish.

What really gets me ticking, is the behaviour. What the chat is filled with.
You know that player who locks in Blitzcrank, declares "mid or feed" and plays with skills equal to my cat's and uses completery messed up itemization? Or does something equally stupid. I know that feeling too. Well, personally I have no problem with this, as long as it is not my ranked qualifiers. In a normal game, yeah sure, let's do something weird, just let me bring my ADC Soraka, have fun and so on... but not in my ranked please.
What makes this worse, is that if I dare to tell him that maybe it is everything but correct plan, he immediatley fills the chat about what kind of sexuality I must belong to and how he had intercourse with my mother. All right, big breath, I won't die from it probably...

AAAnnnyway! Let's play a normal game. First of all in random normal games I generally don't expect people to understand the concepts of Jungler, Gank, Support, Vision Control or pretty much anything. Don't mind if they bring champions which don't belong there... don't care if they are bad and unskilled or anything.

But in the case when for example, I ping SS, message in chat, and they don't back, get 3v1-d, or they don't ping and I get in trouble because of it, AND they start filling the chat with "noob" / "useless" / "[all] plz report [champion name]for feeding" / "what the hell are you doing you idiot" / "**[I let you imagine anything vulgar here]**" / "[champion name] why don't you help f*khmmm*ing noob" etc... now these are the moments where I start to pray to the developers to change the Baron Buff and give the power to reach out and slap these people in the face through the screen. I would learn to solo baron with any champion trust me.

(A bit OFF: The threatening "Ill call ritogemz and they wll ban u 4 life" is one of the best jokes I've heard, but hearing it on a weekly basis ruined the fun.)

Due to these it's hard for me to say, but random games are starting to become unplayable for me. I am already biased whenever I click the "match me with teammates" button.

Now that I got this stone off my heart, and maybe raised some awareness about how people behave, I only have one thing left:

If you, dear reader are one of the minority who shows sportsmanlike behaviour, acts friendly, or atleast doesn't flame others, accept this e-five as a token of my appreciaton.
If you happen to notice that this topic might be about you, reconsider how you would feel if you would have to deal with what you give to others. I'd say it's time to flip the table, crush 2 stones with 1 bird, make this community more enjoyable.

Thanks for hearing me out. CHEERS!

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I think most players that visit this subforum know player behavior is one of the biggest problems with the game, as it is with a lot of games. Fortunately, Riot are working on new tools to deal with it. That's why ranked restrictions are being tested on NA and EUW. That's why we had chat restrictions. That's why they're reworking the Tribunal. Stuff is happening, things will get better. It's just unfortunate that building these things take so much time.