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Hexakill full of leavers or just my luck ?

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Okay i have played 8 hexakill games total i think, 4 was of em was today right before i went here. all those 4 hade leaver/s. 2 of the last 4 i played the other day hade leaver aswell.

Its blind pick and none of the game any argued over what was choosen, so i honestly dont understand why people leave when team gets behind a few kills. in 4 of the 6 games with leaver/s my team came back at endgame even being 1 less player and 3 of those we even won.

Nobody really respect the rules of this game. Alot of bad chat most games too, not saying people are insanely toxic allways, but there is rude chat most games in this mode.
Yup i use mute. I shouldn have too tho , and after game they are not muted anymore and i sometimes see people still talk badly to each others.

Anyway i was just hoping those who enjoy using tribunal would have in mind how much a leaver actualy destroys. Maybe punish abit more often so people learn ?

I miss the old days when LoL was new

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Hi Girlienator

I know our feel.
I have many game's where ppl. is rude in the chat all the game time.

And i thinks that you have been unlucky in yout 8 games, but you are not alone i have tried it too

Maybe punish abit more often so people learn well be a good idea and remain ppl. about to click good behaviour how have ownet it.

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In hexakill there are 2 more players so the leave for whatever reason increases.
It's the same as classic games, it's your luck /thread.

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Leavers are tracked by LeaverBuster. Because real-world reasons for leaving exist, riot doesn't want to instantly punish leavers, but the ranked restrictions and other ideas Riot are testing will reduce the amount of leavers in at least some game modes, and could possibly extend to other game modes as well.

The new Tribunal is supposed to be faster. Not sure why they had to take the old one down while reworking it, but the new one will incorporate all the things Riot have learned from chat restrictions and other punishment experiments they've done.

The chat is terrible. Not in every game, but it feels that way because you remember the bad chats much better than the good ones. You can mute and report, and let the system handle it. Misbehavior in the pre- and post-game chats can be screenshot'd and sent to Riot Support. And you can try to be a positive influence on your team. That's really all you can do.