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Pool Party Ahri skin idea; Viktor and Jayce buff

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I think I've got a cool idea for new Pool Party skin. I have seen Ahri climbing on Pool Party Renekton's splash and the idea occured to me. She could be a beach volleyball player, for example her Q would be a volleyball ball which she throws in front of her. I believe that skin would have a great texture like all the other Pool Party skins, I know it's not summer now but it would be cool.
Viktor and Jayce buff: JInx and Vi or Caitlyn have a buff when they are in the opposite teams so an idea occured to me. When Viktor and Jayce( in lore it says that they are enemies) are in the opposite teams, they get a buff called The lab madness( or the crystal madness). Every time Jayce kills Viktor he gets +1 movement speed. The same thing happens to Viktor when he kills Jayce,
Those are my ideas, please tell me what you think

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Pool party Ahri idea was nearby since a while, but no riot had to make a retard popstar skin