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General Thread about Player Behaviour

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Hello. As we all know, the LoL community is one of the worst and people keep complaining about it because games are for fun but we must alla gree that most of us have raged after a really unfair-to our- playstyle defeat. And im sure we have all flamed, without will. But I think that rito is doing its best to stop the bad experience. The reason im mentioning this is that many people curse at rito in forums because of players feeding, trolling etc. They are right but i think that someone should deal witha person like that but its going to be 2 times harder carrying yourself and someone else and maybe your hole team. I suppose to deal with it. It happened once, it may happen again but one time YOU will end up feeding and maybe being carried. In conclusion, I believe that cursing at riot must be stopped and for the community, riot must make more strict rules about all these metioned above, even if the summoners cry on forums and above all(for me), an improvement to the matchmaking system would be game- changing.