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Really Sad

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More than once I've been reported for verbal abuse when the only thing I said the whole game was either GG at the end or nothing at all. I understand that sometimes it might be frustrating if the enemy team snowballs hard, but I've never reported enemy players after a game that I lost tragically.
So I have a suggestion, in addition to deciding whether a person deserves to be banned or not, the tribunal contributors should have the option to counter the report in case someone was reported unjustly, in which case whoever reported said person will be banned instead for false reporting, which eventually will result in lowering the frequency of such incidents, leaving only actual cases to be handled.

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Have you been _punished_? If no, the system works.

If yes, are you sure the people who voted on your case didn't see any other objectionable behavior?

Riot already counters false reports in several ways. First, people who report falsely have their report value decreased. Their reports eventually don't count at all. Second, it takes more than one or two reports before a case is made to evaluate you. Third, it takes multiple Rioters (or players, when the Tribunal is online) to vote Punish for you to be punished. Fourth, Riot are the ones who decide how you should be punished. Getting falsely punished is very difficult.

Also, Riot has previously taken action against players who abuse the report system. If it becomes a widespread problem again, they'll likely take action again.

If you're posting this because you got that notification saying you've been reported a bit, just chill. It's not a punishment, it's not even a warning. It's just letting you know other players say you're being more negative than usual, and that you should probably take a break and calm down before going into your next game. It's automated, and purely informational. It's not a punishment.