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Why is there a time limit for Dominion game?

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Pepsodent master

Junior Member


Last night I was playing with my friends a custom game in dominion map. We wanted to play a 2v2 stacking game with nasus, veigar, sion and thresh and it had to be in dominion, because thresh gains souls quicker in this map. However one of us noticed that after 90 minutes points start to decrease even if both teams had 2 points captured (and last one neutralized, so 50-50 situation). This finally led to the game ending approximately at 1 hour and 40 minutes, because the points just ran out. Since dominion is a map designed for quick games and all, I understand that creating a way to end the game at some point is wise. However in summoners rift (what I have read) structures don't start losing health when games last long, super minions just start spawning (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIM-vun-fdc (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIM-vun-fdc)). It might be a feature to force games to end at some point (for example games with serious bugs that would make it impossible to finish the game otherwise), but I honestly don't think there are so serious bugs anymore that there has to be this feature. Could it be removed, so we could get new "World Record" videos for the amount of thresh's souls? Dominion is otherwise perfect place to gain souls/stacks, only problem is that there are only 4 minions. I wish we could make a 4-hour-long-game with these infinity-stackers and laugh our asses of when Nasus kills himself to thornmail (we have done that actually once) approximately at 4 AM when everyone is tired.

If you think there is no need to remove that after-90-minutes-points-start-to-decrease feature, please comment. I think it is a feature that has no need to be anymore, but removing it isn't going to benefit very many players so it will a lot of discussion to make things happen.

In dominion points start to decay automatically after 90 minutes, making it impossible to make stacking games in Crystal Scar (and I'm sad because of it )

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Da Atte

Junior Member


I think there's time limit in Dominion for the fact you can't farm IP. Ya know, somehow get a group of guys who are willing to AFK for about 2 hours and BAM ya got IP just for idling. Just use auto clicker for not getting a AFKer mark by the system.

Of course it's highly unlikely anything like this would happen.