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Looking for a 3v3 team

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Hey there!

My name is Ikavish and I am huge Twisted Treeline fan! Currently I am gold 2 solo q player and platinum 5 3v3 player with decent experience in some diamonds teams in the past. I maybe do not have amazing mechanics but I believe I have great amount of knowledge about 3v3 game play.

Recently I played tons of AD champs in ranked games, before that I mostly played jungle, but since the "support meta" is superior to "jungle meta" I would really prefer to play in a team that is using supports in the game. Regarding position I believe I can fit in but I would like to get some time to adapt to the team and my role in it.

If you are interested in my humble person please post it here or add me in game!

Cheers, yours Ikavish

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Hey Friend! i would love to play with you! im in plat 5 in soloQ and in a diamond 4 team. we're looking for new 3v3 players you could join! add me ingame (Crýstal)