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new and improved hide and seek

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This is the version that has the smallest amount of trolling and is faster then the standard.

this game is played 2 v 2 , YES 2 v 2 , 2 on one team 2 on the other , you can also go 3 v 3 if you wanna have fun with friends but not recommended otherwise.

of course there are some champions that are pre-banned (if you are playing with friends you can allow some) , banned champions are : teemo , shaco , rengar , evelynn , twisted fate , and it is recommended for warwick to be prebanned as well but he is not , unless the teams agree

now onto the gameplay , once the game starts (game is draft mode and draft mode ONLY) the team 2 waits 30 sec after the begining , they are seekers and their job is to kill the hiders 5 times total between the 2 of them , they have 10 minutes after leaving the base to do so , it is also recommended to play only in the middle ring , finding 2 people in the whole map is really hard ... especialy at low levels . upon killing the hiders 5 times or the time running up everyone recalls , and the team that won gets a point . now the team 2 is hiding while the team 1 is seeking , items can be sold to get something more appropriate for the role you're in now , or you can keep them so you have an advantage in the next round . the seeker team always goes out 30 sec after the hider team . the standard rules of cc and dash spells only applies for the team hiding at the time .


there is a bigger difference however , ONLY SEEKERS can get the relic from the middle , hiders are not allowed to take it , on the flip side ONLY HIDERS can take health relics , both teams can use speed boosts and until the round finishes hiders cant recall unless they get killed . the recommended length is 3 wins for one team but it can be changed up to your preference much like everything else , this is still fresh in "development" i will check back here every now and then to answer any questions you might have

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Improved? you made it worse dude..