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Pentaclick eSports 5v5 monthly tournament #1

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Goukan Neko

Junior Member


Hello League of Legends community.

Pentaclickare once again glad to announce, that on 2nd August 10:00 GMT-0 we are making our 6th online League of Legends tournament, and for the first time it's gonna be on EUNE server! As usual, all games will be played in 1 day (max. 2 with major circumstances), semi finals and higher will be broadcasted with shoutcasters.
So once again! We are looking for a brave summoners like you who would like to participate in the tournament.

You can find all information regarding the tournament on our website - http://www.pcesports.com/.
Registration is available by link: http://www.pcesports.com/en/leagueoflegends/eune/1

Main info:
Games starts 2nd August 2014 10:00 GMT-0
Min teams: 8
Max teams: 128
Anyone can participate if they are allowed by League of Legend rules
Single elimination, Best of 1. Finals – Best of 3
Prize (1st place) – 30€ for team + 20€ RP Triuphant Ryze skin for every member (5 players who participated in the last fight)
Prize (2nd place) – 15€ RP (5 players who participated in the last fight)
Prize (3rd place) – 10€ RP (5 players who participated in the last fight)
Prize (4th place) – 5€ RP (5 players who participated in the last fight)

What we provide to participants:
Tournament code games, no more strange invites (only if something went wrong).
Opponent list available right before your eyes on profile page
Easy communication via web-battle-chat, with your opponent and admin of the tournament.
Automatic losing/winning feature that will push you (or your opponent) further in the brackets without admin assistance.
Real money prizes for 1st place.

If you have questions about our organization or tournament you can always contact us via twitter, facebook, contact form on our website or by email [email]info@pcesports.com[/email]. Or in this thread.
By the way, we're looking for partners/sponsors, so feel free to contact us at [email]connect@pcesports.com[/email] if you're interested.