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I need YOU!

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Hi guys this is bullpupp101 and today im here to ask you to help me out.

I am one of those people that have had a hard time in life and basically have nothing. I am not crying about my life because i still enjoy it and its amazing in the ways you can explore it.

In the past people have not always been the kindest to me but i also know that there are amazing people out there in this world. One of them is my older brother. we dont live in the same country and only rarely speak duo to costs and time. all we have is each other. in the end my goal is to be able to reunite with him by the end of next year. the only way for me to do this is by having some sort of job and since i am still inexperienced this has proven difficult. also the country i would have to move for has a foreign language to me and this makes it even harder to find a job.

I have come to a decision that i dont have many options.

I will do something that i enjoy and i will try to get it as successful as possible. I will be playing league of legends and uploading the videos onto youtube.

My goal at this point in time is to be able to get a partnership. I need you to help me achieve that.
I need a wopping 1000 views a day on my channel to achieve this goal.

I ask with the most sincerity in my heart for you to help me by watching my videos and subscribing to my channel so that you can stay posted.

you will notice that i am not completely heard properly in the videos. well its not completely bad but its not up to standard. I will say that i am trying my very best to get a headset as soon as possible to clear things up.

here is the most recent video of me playing something new and fun. ashe jungle. viable or not, thats up to you.

It doesnt take a lot to help someone . i know you can help me , all you need to do is take 5 seconds of your time to click that link.

So please.


Kind regards

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Bullpupp101: Montage101