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Hide and seek unlimited mode for mode

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CfW Twin Destiny

Junior Member


Hi summoners me and my friend really enjoy playing Hide and seek and we got an idea.
We would keep all the rules exept one thing no time limit. You would ask: How can hiders win than ?
So the last hider alive would be the winner. By this move hiders could do more machinations like not helping teammates or help each other with one to stay alive and that fight for survival after others get hunted etc. Now it could take ages maybe. So I thinked out something special just for those who will want to make it faster.

(Example): Like there are 5 hiders two of them have 5 lifes,one has 4 and one 3 and the last one looses his last fifth life in this moment the maximum hider life cap turns to 4 from 5 so the two with 5 loose 1 to have the maximum of 4 the one with 4 looses none for he is in the cap and the 3 also looses nothing.
This effect would apply every time hider gets out so the last 2 hiders can have only 2 lifes.

Anyway its just an idea we got. I hope people will like it or at least try it and write the experience after trying this down below. Thanks everyone